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FireOrganix is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships. We offer professional interactions prior to sales and focus heavily on providing high-quality customer service. We believe customer service is an integral part of successful partnerships and mutually beneficial interactions.

FireOrganix specializes in the production of the highest quality water-soluble ingredients. All CBD, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum formulations are made from certified hemp-derived cannabinoids. Manufactured in conformity with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), our in-house chemist produces a variety of water-soluble liquids and powders, as well as a proprietary nano CBD topical cream. Additionally, we are partnered with certified laboratories that produce CBD isolate, broad-spectrum distillate, full-spectrum distillate, crude, and crystal resistant oils. Custom formulations are available to established FireOrganix partners.

Partial List of Wholesale Customers

Health Food Stores
Treatment Facilities
Athletic Organizations
Cosmetic Manufacturers
Beverage Manufacturers

Wholesale Account Requirements

Must operate as a legal entity or sole proprietorship.
Legal entities provide a Sellers Permit ID or Employee ID Number (EIN).
Sole proprietors provide evidence of sole proprietorship.
Contact us to receive a Wholesale Account Set-up Form.

Our Products

Our Products

Our products begin with naturally grown hemp, free of all toxic pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and heavy metals.

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    FireOrganix is committed to providing verifiable information that is backed by science. We value transparency and strive to be a reliable resource for CBD / hemp education.

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