2 Pack: 1 Bottle of 30 mL CBD Nano Concentrate™ & 1 Bottle of 15 mL CBD Nano Concentrate™


FireOrganix CBD Nano Concentrate™ is unlike conventional CBD oils. Our unique process results in a water soluble liquid CBD product that is significantly more bioavailable than other CBD products. Our CBD Nano Concentrate™ contains pure cannabidiol (CBD).

FireOrganix CBD Nano Concentrate™ is ideal for consumers who want to introduce cannabidiol (CBD) into their supplement regimen. We suggest adding our 1 mL (15 mg) of our CBD Nano Concentrate™ to your favorite beverage any time of the day. The 30 mL bottle contains 450 mg of CBD in total, resulting in 30 individual 15 mg servings.

Our CBD Nano Concentrate™ is packaged in UV-resistant glass bottles, with graduated pipettes and tamper-evident childproof caps.

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Product Features:

  • Hemp derived
  • Nanoemulsified
  • Transparent formula
  • Water soluble
  • No THC (Non-Psychoactive)
  • No microbes
  • No heavy metals
  • No pesticides
  • Made in the USA

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FireOrganix uses a proprietary Water Soluble Technology (WST) to produce a variety of exceptionally effective CBD formulas. Our Nano Concentrates™ have a high bioavailability of functional ingredients, which ultimately means a better, more effective product.

Our specialized process employs a nano-sized hydrophilic (water-loving) membrane around the fat-soluble nutrient. In this case, the fat-soluble nutrient in our product is CBD. By encapsulating the water-insoluble nutrients, we produce a formulation that is fast-acting, safe, and exceptionally bioavailable.

Explore Our Process page to learn more about why FireOrganix is unique from the rest!

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